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Backyard Vitality seeks to inform and encourage readers to use the power of gardening in the pursuit of self-reliance, health, and beautification through the cultivation of plants. Our experienced team of gardeners, writers, researchers, and health professionals are committed to delivering the most innovative ideas in gardening, sustainability, and wellness along with ancient wisdom from the past.

Our passion is to make gardening accessible to everyone including homeowners, apartment dwellers, and even those with only a little countertop space to spare for growing. No matter what your experience level, we have tips and tricks to help you choose the best seeds, the best plants, and the best growing systems for success!

Along with ground-breaking articles that enable readers to think outside of the box, we provide time-tested tips and tricks along with offering ancient and modern wisdom about how you can enrich your life through gardening.

If you have any suggestions for us, or would even like to write for Backyard Vitality, please email us at

We encourage you to consider using gardening to live your best life now and forever!

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The Backyard Vitality Team

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