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Tighten Your Butt at Your Desk (your friends will think you have been hitting the gym)

It’s another day at the office and another day that you sit, for a very long time. This is the plight of the office worker and other sitting occupations. Long hours just sitting have been proven to have a negative impact on health and well-being, not to mention your derriere’s firmness.  

But, don’t be discouraged; you can still keep your desk job and have a firm and healthy gluteus maximus, read on to find out how. Here are some great chair exercises to keep your butt looking great – just like it would if you hit the gym hard!

Buttock squeeze

While sitting at your chair, squeeze your bum cheeks together, hold for a couple of seconds, and release. To make this a little more complicated, hold the squeeze for as long as you can to reach one minute. Aim for five repetitions at a time and perform this exercise on the hour – every hour, while you are sitting down for best results.

Knee raises

Sit upright in your chair with your butt cheeks squeezed together. With your feet firmly on the floor, lift one knee as high as you can with your toes pointing downward. Lower your foot down to the floor. Switch your legs and repeat. Aim for five sets on each leg as often as you can. If you are up for it, try lifting both knees at the same time. Be sure to keep your back straight.

Leg circles

Sit straight in your chair with your left leg bent and your butt cheeks firmly squeezed together. Straighten out your right leg and make small circles to the right with your leg. Make circles for about 15 seconds, gradually increasing the circle size. Switch directions and do the same thing for an additional 15 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Chair squat

Stand in front of your chair with your back towards the seat and feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower yourself down as if you are going to sit in the chair. Stop when you reach a 90-degree angle, tighten your quadriceps muscles at the front of your thighs, and slowly return to the starting position. Keep your legs slightly bent. Repeat two sets of 15.

Corset crunch

This exercise is excellent for toning not only your buttocks but also your abs. Sit upright and squeeze your butt cheeks together while drawing your belly button towards your back. Hold this for a count of 20. As you get stronger, hold for longer.

Butt and thigh tone

If you want to target saddlebags while firming up your butt, this is the exercise for you. Place a small cushion between your knees and squeeze for 10 seconds. Repeat this for ten repetitions.

Side leg raises

Sit upright and squeeze your butt cheeks.  Keep one leg bent with your foot on the ground. Lift the other leg out straight and bend at the knee and rotate as far out as you can go. Return your knee to the center and lower your foot down. Repeat for 30 seconds and switch to the other leg.

Squeeze and lift

Squeeze your butt cheeks and lift one leg a touch off of the floor. Tilt your toes downward until they just touch the floor. Move your toes while holding your butt tight – and draw as many alphabet letters as you can with your toes. Release and squeeze again to finish the alphabet if necessary. Switch legs and repeat. You can also air draw the letters using your heel instead of your toes.

Additional dangers of sitting

Sitting for too long can negatively impact your hips due to a shortening of the hip flexors. Additionally, poor posture and a non-ergonomic chair can lead to back issues and chronic pain. In one study, it was found that men who spent more than 23 hours per week watching television had a 64 percent greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than men who only watched tv for 11 hours. Additionally, it was found that people who sit more have a 147 percent higher risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke.  People who sit also have a 112 percent increased risk of diabetes. One study assessed the impacts of just five days of bed rest and noticed an increase in insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

Don’t forget to get up often

One of the best things you can do to improve and protect overall health and wellbeing is to get up from your chair as often as you can. Even if you just take a few steps to the water cooler each hour or a brisk stroll around your office – both will help keep blood flowing and reduce health risks associated with sitting.

If possible, invest in a desk that can raise to standing height. This allows you to stand some during the day while working. 

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